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After much research, you’ve found the franchise opportunity of your dreams. It is the right fit in every respect, if only you could secure funding. If this sounds like your situation, you can relax – we can probably help! We are a loan origination agency in the highly specialised field of franchise finance. We have two aims, both realistic and straightforward.

Firstly, we want to guide banks towards dealing with loan applications in a way that suits the applicants we represent rather than forcing applicants to contend with all the red tape that arises because of bureaucratic banking policies. Secondly, by representing strong franchise brands and their franchisees, we want to force the banks to compete with each other for your business.

It is easy to see how these aims can work to our mutual advantage. From your point of view, the raising of the necessary funding is an important aspect of the franchise project. You will also know that working together as a team to create win-win situations is what franchising is all about. Why then should the sourcing of loans be different?